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Shipping & Moving to and from NZ

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Shipping & Moving to and from NZ

Corporate RelocationsWhen it comes time to arrange a relocation for one or more of your employees, or maybe you are the employee, you need to know that the removal company you have chosen understands the importance of a successful removal. At Transworld we appreciate that the success of the removal determines the ease in which the employee, and their family, settle into their new posting and surrounding environment. With this in mind you can be assured that the staff at Transworld will do their utmost to ensure that only complete satisfaction is achieved.

Corporate Relocation Services

The following list of Corporate Relocation Services Transworld offers is not exhaustive. Should you require information on services not mentioned please feel free to contact our office.

  • Customised relocation service for your organisation;
  • Preferential pricing for corporate accounts;
  • Customised management reports for your organisation;
  • Full door-to-door service for all household goods - worldwide;
  • Professional packing and unpacking of the employees possessions;
  • House cleaning to minimise the workload for the employee and their family;
  • Maid service (putting away kitchenware, ironing and folding of garments, putting clothes away etc) to reduce the workload and stress for the employee;
  • Sea freight and Air freight;
  • Storage at either origin, or destination, of the effects;
  • Motor vehicle transportation;
  • Comprehensive insurance options;
  • Access to our on-line tracking system 24 hours a day;
  • Regular shipment updates via e-mail or fax.

For more information about our Corporate Relocation Service please feel free to contact us.

Moving to Other CountriesWhat do I need to know about moving overseas?

Welcome to Transworld International Removals - a world of knowledge, experience and care.

At Transworld we understand that relocating overseas can be one of the more stressful times in a family's life and as such, you will need to make some very important decisions to ensure your relocation runs smoothly.  As far as decisions go, your choice of removal company will be one of the most important ones you make. Why not be the next to enjoy a stress-free removal with Transworld International Removals - your pathway to the world!


Transworld International Removals

Operating since 1994, Transworld has established itself as one of the leading removal companies specialising in international shipments, not only in New Zealand, but throughout the world.  Proof of this is in our attainment of FIDI-FAIM accreditation and membership of the New Zealand Overseas Movers Association, British Association of Removers and South African International Movers Association.
To become members of these quality assured associations we have invested considerable time and resources into developing our quality processes and service levels, thereby ensuring we provide you with the service you deserve.
What do we put our continued success down to?  The simple belief that the easier we make the move for you, the more successful your move will be.

After the removal has been completed

We supply you with an evaluation form that we ask you to complete. This form invites you to comment on  the service you have received and we welcome any suggestions that you may have that will assist us in our commitment to total client satisfaction.

To make an enquiry regarding your move to or from New Zealand contact your nearest branch using the details below. Alternatively, you can complete a free on-line quotation using our Quick Quote or Detailed Quote options. If you wish to contact us personally, please telephone us and our experienced staff will be happy to discuss your move with you. We service all of New Zealand.

Head Office (Auckland)

Transworld International Removals Auckland

Street Address:

7-9 Civil Place
Rosedale, Auckland 0632

New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 415 0755

Postal Address:

PO Box 305137
Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757
New Zealand


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Branch Office Details (Wellington)

Transworld International Removals Wellington

Street Address:

407 Cuba Street
Lower Hutt, Wellington 5010

New Zealand

Phone: +64 4 568 6663

Postal Address:

PO Box 305137
Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757
New Zealand


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Branch Office Details (Christchurch)

Transworld International Removals Christchurch

Street Address:

14 Edmonton Road
Hornby, Christchurch 8042

New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 349 4758

Postal Address:

PO Box 305137
Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757
New Zealand


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Branch Office Details (Tauranga)

Transworld International Removals Tauranga

Street Address:

49 Whiore Avenue
Tauriko, Tauranga 3171

New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 547 4070

Postal Address:

PO Box 305137
Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757
New Zealand


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Moving to the UK

What you need to know when moving to the UK from New Zealand

Moving to the UKAre you moving to the UK from NZ and want to weigh up your shipping options?

As certified and knowledgeable moving specialists, the team at Transworld are here to make your move to the UK as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re emigrating to the UK with your family, or heading off by yourself, we understand that there’s a lot to consider.

To help you with your move to UK, we've put together some useful tips and advice around:

  1. Shipping options
  2. UK Customs
  3. What you can and can't take


Shipping your personal belongs: your options

When you're emigrating to UK, there are several shipping options available. When weighing up these options, consider the following:

  1. How much do you want to take?
  2. What's your budget?
  3. How fast do you want your goods to arrive?


FCL: when you’re moving your whole household

Moving Household to the UKIf you are shipping a full household to the UKyou'll probably need a sole-use container (FCL).

This is a faster way to ship as you’re not having to share the container with others. Once your container has been loaded, it will be sealed and delivered to the port for immediate shipping.

Transworld operates regular FCL shipping services to all major UK and European ports.


Key benefits:

    1. More capacity: a full container can typically accommodate a complete household
    2. Faster shipping times: normally FCLs are loaded at client’s residence, delivered  directly to the port and shipped on the first available vessel. 
    3. Ship anywhere in the UK: our full container service covers all major UK ports


Groupage: for when you're happy to share

For those with a small household or just looking to ship a few items, groupage shipping is the answer.

This way you share a container with other clients moving to the same destination. Groupage is an economical way of shipping, as you only pay for the space you use. Keep in mind, this service may take a little longer while we wait to fill the container for your destination but it is a very cost effective option.

Key benefits:

    1. Lower cost: pricing is based on the actual size of your shipment, so you only pay for the space your effects take up in the container
    2. Flexibility: giving you the freedom to decide how much you want to ship, from a couple of boxes to a small household
    3. We regularly ship groupage containers to Southampton, Felixstowe, London Gateway, Liverpool, Grangemouth and Belfast and can deliver to all parts of the UK.


Air Freight: for when you want it extra fast

Air Freight to the UK

Air Freight is the fastest option, though the most expensive. Ideal if you’re not taking a lot, or for those extra items you’ll need soon after your arrival.

Key benefits:

  1. Fastest option:air freight is the fastest way to get your effects to the UK.
  2. Perfect for a few essential items you want delivered quickly
  3. Our air freight service covers all major cities in the UK


How long will shipping take?

Approximate door to door transit times, including packing and unpacking, are as follows:

  1. FCL: Allowing for Customs and Quarantine delays at destination, shipping to the UK will take approximately 9-10 weeks.
  2. Groupage: Because we need to wait until we have enough consignments to fill the container, shipping can take a little longer. Once it is full, shipping times will be approximately 10 to 12 weeks..
  3. Air Freight: As the fastest shipping option, air freight will usually take 2-3 weeks.


Want to know how much shipping to the UK costs? Get a free quote!


UK Customs and Quarantine formalities are taken care of

British Customs & QuarantineHere at Transworld, we offer a complete door-to-door service. This means we take care of all Customs and Quarantine requirements.

With experienced and qualified experts, we understand the ins and outs of the British customs and quarantine regulations. Our helpful team are here to prepare your goods and manage all the paperwork needed.

We take care of:

  1. Quarantine inspection
  2. Supplying you with the required Customs UK form
  3. Packing your shipment with an inventory of each item


What you need to do:

  1. Supply a copy of passport
  2. State whether you are moving as a tourist or temporary residence (in this case, you will need to provide your intended length of stay)
  3. Apply for a URN (unique reference number) before your goods arrive in the UK. This is a requirement for all shipments going to the UK and we recommend you apply as soon as you decide you're ready to move.


What you can and can't ship to the UK

Prohibited and restricted items

UK Prohibited & Restricted ItemsBefore moving to the UK from NZ, it's important to know what is restricted or prohibited from entering the UK

Examples of items that can't be imported include:

  1. Meat, milk and other animal products
  2. Unlicensed drugs, weapons, and indecent material
  3. Counterfeit and pirated goods, such as watches, clocks and CDs
  4. Endangered plant and animal species


Not sure what you can take to the UK? Give us a call, we're happy to answer your questions.


Importing firearms and weapons to the UK

If you're wanting to important firearms or weapons to the UK, you will need a Firearm or Shotgun Certificate from the Chief Officer of Police in the area in which you're planning to live.

Until the certificate has been granted, your firearms or weapons will be held by UK Customs. Your shipment will also require a full Customs inspection, which will incur additional costs. 

The importation of other types of weapons, including flick knives, daggers, swordsticks, knuckle dusters, replica guns, BB guns and unsafe firearms, plus self-defence sprays, is prohibited.


Shipping vehicles to UK

Shipping Vehicles to the UKIf you're looking at shipping your vehicle to UK, the Transworld team can help. You can import your car or motorcycle into the UK duty free, as long as you've:

  1. Owned and used it for at least six months
  2. Lived outside the EU for at least twelve months
  3. Are taking up permanent residence and are not planning to sell the vehicle for at least one year after importation


To import your vehicle to the UK, you will need to provide:

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Documents to confirm you have owned and used it, such as: purchase invoice, insurance document, etc.
  3. Original copy of C104A form


If you've got a question about shipping cars to UK, give us a call, we'd love to help.


Taking your pets to UK

Moving Pets to the UKThe Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) simplifies the process for importing your pet into the UK without the need for quarantine.  Transworld can arrange all pet transport requirements on your behalf.

To be eligible for the PETS, your dog or cat must:

  1. Be certified by an authorized vet
  2. Travel via certain designated air routes to the UK
  3. Be microchipped
  4. Be vaccinated against rabies


Here at Transworld, we offer a complete door-to-door service

When you're moving across the world, the team at Transworld are here to take care of all your shipping needs.

From packing your possessions, to shipping, to arranging Customs and Quarantine clearance, to safely delivering them to your new residence in the UK.

We want to make your move to the UK as stress-free as possible, and you'll have a dedicated team member to answer any questions you may have and keep you fully informed of the status of your shipment right through to your final destination in the UK.


Give us a call today for a free quote!


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