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Moving to Adelaide / Shipping to Adelaide

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Adelaide is one of the most prosperous cities in Australia, a reason why so many people make the choice of moving to Adelaide from New Zealand. With a growing economy that is based on a well-developed heavy industry and service sector, Adelaide is a magnet for New Zealanders who are attracted to the job opportunities that the city offers, as well as for the chance to live in a modern city with good services, and a vibrant cultural life with influences from all over the world.

The history of this windy city started in 1836, when it was founded by a group of free working class immigrants, and has continually experienced economic success to this day. Adelaide is to this day a manufacturing powerhouse and it is home to a significant part of the defence and automotive industry of Australia. This concentration of heavy industry has allowed the city to develop a large service sector and created thousands of employment opportunities for Australians and immigrants.

But Adelaide offers more than just job opportunities. It is in fact a bustling city that attracts tourists thanks to a variety of sights that range from the colonial architecture of Victoria Square, to the rich display of multiculturalism in any of its many festivals.

Adelaide is a city of contrast, and visitors and residents alike can experience it thanks to its well-planned system of streets and public transport that can efficiently move thousands of people every day.

If you decide to move to Adelaide your goods will need to be cleared through the Australian Customs office, Transworld will take care of the Customs clearance into Adelaide but you will need to complete some Customs and Quarantine forms to make your official declaration. The Australian custom laws allow you to import your personal effects with you, provided that you have owned them for least a year. Other items like alcohol or anything that is less than 12 months old, or items you may intend to sell in Australia, have to be declared and pay the corresponding duties.

If you want to bring your car you have to apply to get a Vehicle Import Approval, which requires among other things that you must have owned the car for at least 12 months, be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or intend to be a permanent resident. There's also a duty for importing your vehicle, and you must take care of all the paperwork before you are allowed to actually import your car.

There are several regulations when it comes to importing pets even from New Zealand. The first thing that you should know is that some dog species are not allowed to enter (the Pit Bull Terrier for example). If your dog or cat is one of the eligible breeds he needs to be checked for parasites and must be identified with a microchip before he is shipped to Australia.

Animals who have lived in New Zealand for less than 90 days prior to being exported to Australia will have to pass the quarantine before they are returned to their owners.

There are also several items whose import is prohibited or severely restricted by Australian law. Some of the Items that are prohibited from being shipped to Australia, can which include flammables, live plants, drugs, perishable food, and rare knives. Firearm owners need to get a written approval from the Police of Weapons Registry where they are going to reside. Once their weapon arrives, they will have to wait for it to pass inspection and to be approved before it is returned to them. Some of the Items that are prohibited include flammables, live plants, drugs, perishable food, and rare knives.

Shipping to Adelaide can be a simple process if you use a professional international removals company like Transworld. Our dedicated staff are trained shipping agents who will take all the stress out of moving. Get a free quote for moving to Adelaide now.

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