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Moving to Brisbane / Shipping to Brisbane

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If you are planning to move to Brisbane from New Zealand, you'll be joining thousands of other New Zealanders who have made or are making the transition to this popular destination. Unlike much of New Zealand, the weather in Brisbane is mild in winter and can be quite hot in summer. Moving to Brisbane is quite straight forward and we have provided some information to help you with your move from New Zealand to Brisbane.

City Information

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia with all the modern facilities and services you could need. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and was founded on the old lands of the indigenousTurrbal and Jagera peoples. The Brisbane River flows through the city, which has a population slightly over 2.3 million (2018). The city provides a range of leisure activities ranging from cultural services to world-class attractions. 

Ports Customs Information

Once you are sure you want to move to Brisbane, you need to get information on the shipping procedures, Transworld’s trained staff are always eager to pass on their knowledge to make your move to Brisbane easier, you can never have to much information. Shipping your vehicle to Brisbane has some factors that are put into consideration; purchase price, age and ownership length.

If you have firearms that you would want to ship you need to gain a legal approval from the ports authority by making a declaration that all the firearms under your possession are legal. Check the official Australian immigration website for more information.

Restrictions and Quarantine

When you are from New Zealand you won’t require a visa to get into Brisbane. If you are from New Zealand and you have had a past criminal record you will be required to have a written confirmation from the Department of Immigration Border Protection before you are allowed to enter Brisbane. The government of Australia has given the department of Agriculture to protect Australia from exotic pests and diseases. It is important for you to read information given on quarantine items that are not allowed into Australia. It provides information on the items that you need to dispose before you get to the border. At the border the customs will hinder passing of illicit drugs, prohibited imports and services related to the Agriculture Department.

If you are moving from New Zealand to Brisbane and you want the transition to be smooth and without too many hurdles, Transworld can help you through the entire process and take care of the shipping of your goods as well as the paperwork involved.

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