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Moving to Melbourne / Shipping to Melbourne

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If you are thinking of moving to Melbourne from New Zealand, you have to plan in advance to give you time to negotiate with a moving company. As you should know, moving from one country to another can be a very complicated matter unless you use a professional removal company like Transworld. First of all, you have to make sure that the things you are going to bring with you will be allowed entry in your destination country. You will need to acquire the necessary documents for the importation of certain goods into Australia like vehicles, firearms, and pets. There are laws and regulations that you need to adhere to.

Moving to Melbourne from New Zealand has become increasingly popular. The city is a beautiful urban setting well known for its rich history from a mining city to one of the most popular cities in the world. It also has a temperate oceanic climate, which you might find to be very accommodating. And of course, it's a popular tourist destination as well courtesy of its imposing landmarks such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Shrine of Remembrance, the Eureka Skydeck 88, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the Flinders Street Station. In a nutshell, living in Melbourne is never dull or boring.

When it comes to personal and household effects, these are free of customs duty when you bring them into Australia as long as you've owned and used them for at least a year and have the correct visas for living in Australia. However, the same can't be said about cars and other types of vehicles into Melbourne.

First of all, you should be of legal age and have used the car for at least twelve months.

You also need to be more careful if you're bringing pets with you. You should make arrangements with Transworld so that all of the applicable health certificates and statutory declarations are procured before the day of the move.

If you are going to import firearms into Australia, you must have a written permission from New Zealand's Police Firearms or Weapons Registry. Upon arrival in Australia, the firearm will be handed over to the State Police for ballistics inspection. Keep in mind that other forms of weapons like flick knives, sword sticks, replica guns, daggers, knuckle dusters, and BB guns are strictly prohibited. So don't try to bring any of these with you.

To make sure that imported items do not contain contaminants, Australia has set up the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service). You, and Transworld as your moving company, will be required to disclose the specifics of your shipment to the authorities. AQIS will examine your goods at Transworld’s agents warehouse in Melbourne, which is a quarantine-approved warehouse. If there are risks identified, your things might be subjected to treatment that may involve steam cleaning, fumigation, or heat treatment.

If you are shipping to Melbourne from New Zealand, it's of the utmost importance that you hire a reliable moving company like Transworld, that's fully aware of what's restricted and prohibited from entering the country. These restricted items include but not limited to; illegal drugs, flammables, acids, live plants, perishables, gardening chemicals, and antiquities. With that said, you should at all times be fully aware of the items you are prohibited from bringing into Australia.

Your move to Melbourne should be an exciting new adventure for you and your family and Transworld will make the shipping to Australia stress free. Get a free quote for moving to Melbourne now.

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