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Moving to Perth / Shipping to Perth

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Moving to Perth from New Zealand can be quite hectic without the right guidance from a professional removal company like Transworld. There are a few measures which one can take to make the move bearable and affordable. Transworld has teamed up with a foreign exchange broker HiFX where our clients receive rates of exchange that are much more favourable than the high street bank and potentially you save you thousands, some client have saved enough that it paid for the shipping to Perth.

Perth is the fourth most populous city in Australia. Moving to Perth has become very popular in the last decade with Kiwis despite being tucked away from other major cities in the country. Perth is the Capital of the huge Western Australia state and enjoys more sunshine per year than any other city in Australia. Accessing things such as government services should be relatively easy and all services that are available to immigrants and citizens will likely have a branch in this important city. The city is located next to the Indian Ocean. As a result, it has developed a good beach culture.

Perth is located on the banks of the Swan River. The river gets its name from the many black swans that adorn its banks. The river weaves through the metropolitan area, making this one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. To the west of the city is a 400-hectare park that is full of untamed Australian wildlife.

Legal Requirements

If you are moving to Perth, you will need to have some kind of legal documentation. The most common document needed for a move there is a Visa. There are different types of Visas accessible, but you don’t need any if you are a citizen of New Zealand.

New Zealand citizens qualify for a Special Category Visa (SCV). This visa allows them to live and work anywhere in Australia indefinitely. However, you will need to follow proper procedure when applying for this Visa. Unlike before, this visa is not the same as permanent residency. A person moving to Australia who wants to get permanent residency needs to apply for the same at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Moving with Cars, Pets and Firearms

If you are shipping your car from New Zealand to Perth you have to apply to get a Vehicle Import Approval, which requires among other things that you must have owned the car for at least 12 months, be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or intend to be a permanent resident. There's also a duty/GST for importing your vehicle, and you must take care of all the paperwork before you are allowed to actually import your car. You need to do some homework before you ship your vehicle to Australia, which Transworld will be happy to help with. 

Quarantine is very strict when you ship your household goods to Australian even from New Zealand. To make sure that imported items do not contain contaminants, Australia has set up the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service). Transworld will assist you with the clearance process as your appointed professional moving company; you will be required to disclose the specifics of your shipment to the authorities. Transworld will supply all the necessary paperwork to clear your goods through Perth Customs and AQIS. AQIS will examine your goods at Transworld’s agents warehouse in Perth, which is a quarantine-approved warehouse. If there are risks identified, your things might be subjected to treatment that may involve steam cleaning, fumigation, or heat treatment.

If you have firearms that you would want to ship you need to gain a legal approval from the ports authority by making a declaration that all the firearms under your possession are legal. Check the official Australian immigration website for more information.

It’s clear that moving or shipping to Perth from New Zealand is no easy task, but that’s our job at Transworld, as the preferred New Zealand mover to make the process affordable and bearable, and guide you in your choices.

If you’re thinking of Moving to Perth, get a free quote now.

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