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Prohibited & Restricted Imports into Australia from NZ

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Australian Prohibited & Restricted Imports

The following items are prohibited into Australia including but not limited to: recorded material which is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult.

Controlled drugs of any kind including LSD, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and cannabis/drug paraphernalia (whether used or not), ecstasy, steroids DHEA or performance-enhancing drugs. Prescription medicines are restricted and you will need to provide evidence they were prescribed to you by a medical practitioner and be in their original container.

Also note the following items that CANNOT be shipped or stored include:

  • Australian Prohibited and Restricted Imports
    Flammables including: petroleum products, matches, ammunition and explosives, fireworks, aerosol cans, lighter fluids, paints (art paint can only be shipped if non flammable and not liquid), thinners etc.  Gas bottles can only be shipped if they have been purged professionally and a certificate supplied.  Petrol cans can be shipped if they have been emptied, cleaned out with detergent and allowed to air out.
  • Acids, ammonia, cleaning products, corrosives, batteries of all kinds, not forgetting batteries in torches, radios etc.
  • Live plants
  • Perishables e.g. meat products, opened foodstuffs.
  • Poisons, gardening chemicals, fertilisers, weed killer, insecticides etc.
  • Items covered under the CITES agreements i.e. ivory, coral, clam shells etc (unless you have a permit).
  • Some antiquities are restricted for export from New Zealand.  These would include, but not limited to, works of art older than 60 years relating to New Zealand and artefacts of any kind from Maori culture dating prior to 1902.

Should you have any questions regarding restrictions on any of these items, please contact us.

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