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Shipping & Moving to NZ

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Moving to New Zealand

What you need to know when shipping to New Zealand

Moving to New ZealandThe green oasis of New Zealand has caught they eye of many, with people from all around the world being drawn into the lush nature and clean environment. Has it captured you, too?

If you’re looking at moving to New Zealand there’s a lot you need to organise. From deciding what you want to take to understanding the customs and quarantine, there’s plenty of planning that needs to be done.

We know how difficult it can be to uplift your entire life and move to a different country – which is why we’re here to help and give our expert advice.

To make moving to New Zealand as simple as possible, we’ve put together tips and advice about:

  1. Shipping options
  2. New Zealand customs
  3. What you can and can’t take


Shipping to NZ: your options

Moving to NZ OptionsWhen transporting your belongings to New Zealand, there are a variety of options available to you.

To choose the best option you’ll need to ask yourself:

  1. How much do you want to ship?
  2. What’s your budget?
  3. How fast do you want your goods to arrive?


FCL: ship a full container load to New Zealand

An FCL shipping option gives you the freedom to take your full household (give or take any restricted item) with you to New Zealand. Being allocated an entire contained load means you’ll have ample space to pack your home into.

Key benefits:

  1. Ample space: With a full contained load, you’ll have plenty of room for all your beloved items.
  2. Speed: FCL shipping will be on it’s way to your new home as soon as you are.
  3. Location options: Our FCL shipping at Transworld delivers to most major ports in New Zealand.


Groupage: share the shipping

Options for Shipping to New ZealandFrom some countries, our groupage shipping option is ideal for those with a smaller household to bring to New Zealand. Using our groupage options means you’ll share the container load with other people shipping to NZ – which does mean it takes a little longer for the container to arrive to you.

Key benefits:

  1. Cheap cost: Since you’re not paying for the full container, groupage is a cheap, cost efficient option.
  2. Flexibility: Since you don’t have a set space, you can choose how much you want to fill with groupage shipping to NZ.
  3. Location options: our groupage shipping delivers to most major ports in New Zealand.


Air Freight: fly your belongings

Our Air freight option is by far the fastest way to ship your household items to New Zealand. However it’s only good for those essential items you need quickly. It can be more costly than traditional freight.

Key benefits:

    1. Necessary items: air freight is the way to go when you need to ship your essentials, fast.
    2. Speedy shipping: shipping items to NZ with air freight is the fastest way to go.
    3. Location options: our air freight is delivered to most major New Zealand airports.

Click here for more details about shipping personal effects into New Zealand and customs.


How long will shipping to NZ take?

Shipping to New ZealandShipping time to New Zealand depends on the option you chose:

  1. FCL: if you’re opting to use a full container load to ship your belongings, your full household will be shipped immediately.
  2. Groupage: since you’re sharing the load with other people, groupage takes between a bit longer than an FCL and gets shipped once it is a full load.
  3. Air Freight: your fastest shipping option will arrive in 5 to 15 days.

Want to know how much shipping to New Zealand costs? Get a free quote!


Customs and quarantine

At Transworld, we guide you through Customs and Quarantine formalities.

We’ll help make moving to New Zealand simple and stress free for you and your family.

We’ll take care of:

  1. Quarantine inspection
  2. Supply you the correct paperwork
  3. Compile an inventory of your items

New Zealand Customs and QuarantineWhat we need from you:

    1. Copy of your passport
    2. Statement of your intended length of stay
    3. Packing list
    4. Copy of your Visa

Click here for more details about New Zealand quarantine.


What you can and can’t bring when moving to New Zealand

Prohibited and restricted items

When moving to a new country there’s always prohibited and restricted items that you’ll need to be aware of. Here’s a quick overview of what you’re not allowed to bring into New Zealand:

The following items are prohibited:

    1. Flammable items such as petroleum, matches, etc.
    2. Animal or plant-based products.
    3. Drugs, unlicensed guns or indecent material.

Bringing Firearms into New ZeakandItems that are restricted and require permits:

    1. Ivory
    2. Live species
    3. Vehicles
    4. Firearms

Click here for more details about bringing prohibited and restricted items into New Zealand.

Firearms and weapons

To bring any firearms or weapons into New Zealand, you’ll need to attain a permit to import the item, and gain a New Zealand firearms licence. A permit is required for all firearms and parts of a firearm, and is only issued to the person who may lawfully possess the item in New Zealand.

At Transworld, we are more than happy to lead you through the process of obtaining a New Zealand permit.

Click here for more details about bringing firearms and weapons into New Zealand.

Shipping your vehicles

Shipping Vehicles to New ZealandYou’re more than welcome to ship your vehicle to New Zealand, but it must first pass certain requirements and receive a permit. You’ll also need to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle.

Consider the following points:

    1. Your vehicle needs to New Zealand standards and criteria to use it on the road.
    2. You’ll need to provide documentation to prove you are the legal owner of the vehicle.
    3. One your vehicle enters the country, it will need to pass a Vehicle Entry Certification.

Click here for more details about shipping cars and vehicles to New Zealand.

Taking your pets

If you’re moving to New Zealand and thinking of bringing your pet with you, you’ll need to attain a permit. Cats and dogs from Australia will be automatically cleared for quarantine, but other animals will need to go through a quarantine facility.

If you’re planning on taking a pet, we can help you. Your pet must be over three months old and vaccinated. You’ll need to gather the following for your pet:

    1. Certificate of origin
    2. Certificate of health
    3. Import license

Click here for more details about shipping your pets to New Zealand.


Our service at Transworld is made stress free for you

We’re dedicated to making your move as smooth and simple as it can be.

With so many different moving parts involved in a relocation, we design our service specifically to reach you from door to door – so you can get excited about your new life in New Zealand.

After some advice and help for moving to New Zealand? Give us a call today for a free quote!


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