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Shipping & Moving to New Zealand

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Moving to New ZealandShipping Personal Effects to New Zealand

If you're shipping from USA to NZ, shipping from Australia to NZ or shipping from UK to NZ then you have come to the right place. Here at Transworld we are the experts in international shipping to NZ. Contact the team today for a free quote.

When shipping to New Zealand, your goods will be individually wrapped and packed with specialised international wrapping materials and/or boxes and then stowed into a container for shipping.

Sea Freight

FCL - Full Container Load

Transworld's international partners offer regular shipping services of FCL containers to all ports in New Zealand.

If you're shipping a complete household you may need either a 20' or 40' container for your exclusive use.  With this service you have more choice of shipping and arrival dates into New Zealand.

Depending on the access to your home and local Council approval, your container may be loaded directly from your residence, sealed and taken to the port for shipping on first available vessel.

In New Zealand the container will be uplifted from port and transported to our bonded warehouse for unloading and contents checked against the inventory. Following Customs and Quarantine clearance and possible inspection, delivery will be made to your new residence, where full unwrapping of furniture and unpacking of cartons onto flat surfaces will be completed, and packing debris removed. Alternatively we can offer storage at any of our secure facilities, pending final delivery.    


If you have a small or a part household or just have one or two boxes, you can share a container with our other clients moving to New Zealand. This is a very economical method of shipping, as you only pay for the space your effects occupy in the container. This service may take a little longer, as we need to wait until we have sufficient shipments to fill the container to your destination, but it is a very cost effective option.

Air Freight

The cost of Air freight is expensive and is probably best used just for transport of urgently needed items, pending arrival of your sea shipment.

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