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Moving to Germany

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Moving to Germany

What you need to know when moving to Germany

Moving to GermanyRelocating your household to another country can be a stressful time. At Transworld, we’re here to make moving to Germany easy for you. We take care of all your household shipping needs with our expert, door-to-door service.

To make your transition to living in Germany as smooth as possible, we’ve simplified what you need to know into some useful tips about:

  1. Shipping options
  2. German Customs
  3. What you can and can't take


Shipping your personal belongings: your options

When planning your move to Germany, you’ve got some shipping options. Asking yourself the following questions will make sure you’re making the right choice for you and your household.

  1. How much do you want to take?
  2. What's your budget?
  3. How soon do you want your goods to arrive?

FCL - Full container load

If you’re moving your entire household to Germany, you'll likely need exclusive use of a 20' or 40' container (FCL) 

Depending on the access to your home and Council approval, the container may be able to be loaded at your residence, sealed and taken directly to port for shipping on first available vessel.

Transworld delivers to everywhere in Germany, so no matter where you're living, we'll deliver your possessions right to your new residence.  

Key benefits:

  1. More space: Enabling you to ship your complete household.
  2. Exclusive use: As soon as your container is loaded and sealed, it’s delivered straight to port for immediate shipping
  3. Ship to any location in Germany: Transworld offers a door to door service to all parts of Germany 


Groupage: when sharing is smarter

sea cargo

For those with a small household or just looking to ship a few items, groupage shipping is the answer.

This way you share a container with other clients moving to the same destination. Groupage is an economical way of shipping, as you only pay for the space you use. Keep in mind, this service may take a little longer while we wait to fill the container for your destination but it is a very cost effective option. Transworld operates regular groupage service to Germany

Key benefits:

  1. Reduced cost: Because you’re sharing the load, our groupage option is going to cost you less.
  2. Pay for what you use: You only pay for the space your shipment occupies in the container
  3. Ship to everywhere in Germany: Our groupage service covers the whole of Germany.


Air freight

Air Freight is the fastest option, though the most expensive. Ideal if you’re not taking a lot, or for those extra items you’ll need soon after your arrival.

How long will shipping take?

  1. FCL: Approximately 8-9 weeks
  2. Groupage: Approximately 12 weeks
  3. Air Freight: Approximately 2-3 weeks

Want to know how much shipping to Germany costs? Get a free quote!


Let us take care of Customs formalities

German CustomsAs part of our door-to-door service, our Transworld team will take care of all Customs requirements involved in moving to Germany. And as Germany has no quarantine restrictions, clearance and delivery can be effected with minimal delay.  

What you can and can’t ship to Germany

Prohibited and restricted items

When shipping to Germany, there are a few regulations and restrictions to be aware of.

Restricted items include:

  1. Pornographic material.
  2. Media featuring "unconstitutional content", which includes literature that trivialises or glamorises Germany’s role in World War II and any symbols associated with the Nazi regime.
  3. Plants. Contact the German Customs office to see if your plants comply with the sanitary plant protection code.

If you’re not sure about something you’re packing give us a ring, we’re always happy to help!

Firearms and weapons

All firearms (and ammunition) must be declared when shipping to Germany. Due to strict firearm restrictions in Germany, you will require a special permit, and importation may be refused. We suggest you check with your nearest German Embassy.

Motor vehicles

article.originalYou can bring your car with you on your move to Germany, but there may be hefty taxes applicable depending on your residence status and how long you have owned the vehicle. Our helpful team can advise on the best options available.


To bring your cat or dog into Germany, you’ll need:

      1. Proof of rabies vaccination, which must be no older than 12 months and no more recent than 30 days.
      2. Proof of identification so you can apply for a 'pet passport' on arrival in Germany.
      3. A health certificate from your vet.


The Transworld team are with you every step of the way

We are proud to provide our customers with a door-to-door service, taking care of all the details involved in relocating to Germany. We’re the experts, and we’re here to take the stress out of moving overseas, so you can relax and leave it to us!

From packing, to shipping and Customs formalities, through to your new home in Germany, we’re with you all the way.

From the outset you’ll have a dedicated team member on-hand throughout the process to answer your queries, keep you informed and make sure your requirements are fully met. 

Let us guide you smoothly through your move to Germany! Give us a call today for a free quote!


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