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Moving to Switzerland

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Moving to Switzerland

What you need to know about relocating to Switzerland

Moving to Malaysia & ShippingInspired by the stunning landscape of the beautiful Swiss Alps? Are you planning to emigrate from New Zealand to Switzerland? Here at Transworld, we use our expertise and exceptional customer service to make your move to Switzerland as simple and straightforward as possible. As an experienced shipping company with a door-to-door service, we cater to your needs at every stage of the shipping process.

We’ve put together useful tips and advice around:

  1. Shipping options
  2. Swiss customs
  3. What you can and can’t take


Shipping your personal belongings: your options

When you choose Transworld to ship your goods and belongings to Switzerland you have a few freight options to choose from. Consider the following when deciding the best shipping method for your needs:

  1. How much do you want to ship?
  2. What's your budget?
  3. How fast do you want your goods to arrive?

FCL: for your entire family’s belongings

FCL (Full Container Load) is the most suitable option if you are looking to transport your entire home’s worth of belongings. An entire container is used for solely for your items, meaning all your things are kept together without having to wait for others’ freight.

This option is fast and efficient, shipping to Switzerland as soon as it has been loaded and checked.

Key benefits:

Size: a household or family-sized collection of belongings can be shipped altogether

Speed: FCL is a swift transport method, with only loading and checking time to bear in mind

Location: we ship to anywhere in Switzerland

Groupage: when you’re travelling light

Groupage Shipping to SwitzerlandIf you’re relocating to Switzerland with minimal items, groupage allows you to share a container with others and share the cost.

The container is shipped once it is full, making this the perfect option for those who are not in a rush.

Key benefits:

  1. Cost effective: this is the most affordable freight option, as the price for an entire container is divided
  2. Efficiency: you only pay for the amount of space used
  3. Location: for a fraction of the price you get the same door-to-door delivery service of FCL

Air Freight: need for speed

If you have few items but need them fast, this is our swiftest shipping option to Switzerland. However, freight by air is by far the more expensive option.

Key benefits:

  1. Fastest: this is by far the quickest freight method
  2. Essentials: an option that is perfect for forgotten or final belongings
  3. Anywhere: we deliver your belongings to your door, no matter the location


Swiss customs and quarantine information

Switzerland CustomsWe handle all customs and quarantine formalities to get you and your household to Switzerland. Our team will compile and provide the following paperwork:

  1. Quarantine inspection
  2. Supplying all necessary Swiss customs forms
  3. Creating an inventory of your items
  4. Packing your shipment

All you need to do is provide us with the following identification and details:

  1. Copies of your passport and anyone moving with you
  2. Indication of your intended length of stay – i.e. indefinitely, tourist or temporary residence, etc.


What you can and can’t ship to Switzerland

When moving to Switzerland to live, you can import your household items duty-free so long as you are establishing residency, your belongings have been used (and will continue to be used) by yourself for at least six months and that you are shipping your items within two years of transferring residency.

Prohibited and restricted items

These items are prohibited from import into Switzerland:

  1. Edible animal products
  2. Protected species and items containing or including anything falling under the CITES list (eg. a piano with ivory keys)
  3. Counterfeited goods (eg. fake designer goods)
  4. Semi-automatic weapons, stun guns, silencers, commodity-imitating weapons, trigger-mechanised knives/daggers
  5. Plants

Bringing your car

Shipping Pets to South AfricaCars owned for more than six months are considered personal property, and must be registered in Switzerland within twelve months of moving (providing it complies with technical inspections).

Are your pets coming, too?

All domestic animals imported into Switzerland are subject to an 8% VAT based on the value of the animal. Because New Zealand is rabies-free, pets must simply be microchipped and be up-to-date with all vaccinations. Contact the Geneva missions office for animal breed regulations in your canton.

Transworld service: going above and beyond

We are committed to providing a personal, door-to-door service.

Moving overseas and shipping your belongings is made easy at Transworld. With an experienced team member by your side every step of the way, your goods and belongings will be shipped safely and efficiently.

Our team will assist you with all procedures and documentation you may be unsure of, ensuring the journey to Switzerland is swift and hassle-free.

Moving to Switzerland, but unsure about shipping regulations? Our experienced team at Transworld will assist you every step of the way. Give us a call today for a free quote!

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