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Shipping & Moving to China from NZ

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Shipping to China from NZ can be very cost effective. Sometimes the cost of repurchasing your personal items greatly outweighs the cost of shipping from NZ to China. In addition, a lot of items have special memories and are simply irreplaceable.

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Customs, Quarantine and entry requirements in China for personal/household effects and motor vehicles can change frequently; please contact Transworld to verify current information is correct.

  • Correct Visa, residency documents and passports must be up to date.
  • Personal effects – owner must apply for import approval before shipment is sent
  • Personal effects – subject to duty for owners not holding a Residence card
  • Tapes/discs – subject to censorship / inspections
  • Books – restrictions on number and censorship
  • Motor vehicles/motorcycles – do not ship 
  • Food and alcohol - not recommended to ship, as regulations differ in each province.
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