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Personal Effects & Customs

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Personal Effects

Personal and household effects may be imported into United Kingdom free of Customs Duty and VAT (Value Added Tax), providing you have lived at least 12 months outside the UK, your effects have been owned and used for a period of at least six months prior to your departure from New Zealand and you are  eligible to live in the United Kingdom. If you do not qualify, or you are arriving on a visitors permit, short term student visa or temporary work visa, you may be required to pay Customs Duty and VAT on your personal and household effects.

If duty is applicable, the rate can vary widely and will be calculated on the value of the individual items. U.K. Customs will usually request purchase receipts, invoices or similar documentation for verification of value. You should ensure  these documents are available to avoid delays with the Customs process and we recommend you take them in your hand luggage.

UK CustomsTransworld will supply you with a copy of the  requisite declarateion form for your completion.

You will also need to supply a copy of the photograph page of your passport and if you are moving to United Kingdom as a tourist or to take up temporary residence you will be required to provide your intended length of stay.

Visas are not required by nationals of the United Kingdom who hold valid passports, but are required by citizens of all other countries. Applications should be made to the nearest United Kingdom Consulate.

You must declare any goods belonging to any person other than yourself, or those who accompany you on your arrival into the United Kingdom. You must also declare any goods for commercial purposes, including goods for sale, lease, hire or exchange.
U.K. Customs will charge duty and tax on all alcohol (there is no duty free allowance for alcohol shipped as unaccompanied effects).

Your effects may be cleared through Customs prior to your arrival, provided you arrive in the United Kingdom within the ensuing six months. A deposit will be required for duty and tax which will be repaid on your arrival and on production of proof that you qualify for relief.

Legacies can be imported by United Kingdom domiciled residents as long as it can be proved that it is a genuine bequest and that the recipient is a legal beneficiary. This can be done by supplying a statutory declaration and a copy of the will or a letter from the solicitor or trustee handling the estate. The legacy cannot be used for trade or business purposes.

Antiques can be imported as part of your household removal under the same conditions as General Used Household Goods. Bona-fide antiques (i.e. items over 100 years old) can also be imported into the United Kingdom free of duty provided they are accompanied by a Letter of Antiquity issued by a specialist dealer certifying the articles are over 100 years old, you have owned and used the items overseas for at least six months and do not sell or dispose of them after importation.

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