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Moving Pets to the UK From NZ

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Thinking about taking your dog or cat to the UK?

Transworld can arrange the transportation of your pets to the United Kingdom without the need for a lengthy quarantine period under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). To be eligible, your cat or dog must:

  1. Meet the requirements of the scheme and be certified by an authorised vet to obtain a PETS certificate
  2. Travel via certain designated air routes to United Kingdom
  3. Not be a breed of dog banned by law from being imported into the United Kingdom

Moving Pets to the UKPETS certificates are only issued once your pet has had an identification microchip inserted, followed by a current rabies vaccination and a rabies blood test. If your pet is not eligible under the UK Pets Scheme rules, then your pet will have to go into quarantine for up to 6 months. Alternatively your pet can be quarantined in New Zealand for the designated period. 

Contact us for more information on moving pets to the UK.

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