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Prohibited & Restricted Imports into the UK

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Prohibited Imports

The following items are prohibited from entering United Kingdom:

  • Unlicensed drugs, such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, LSD & Cannabis.
  • Offensive weapons, such as flick knives, butterfly knives, push daggers, belt-buckle knives, death stars, swordsticks, knuckledusters, blowpipes, truncheons and some martial arts equipment.
  • Indecent and obscene material featuring children, such as books, magazines, films, videos, DVD's and software.
  • Pornographic material, other than that which depicts the type of consensual sexual activity between adults which can be purchased in the United Kingdom.
  • Obscene material, depicting extreme violence.
  • Counterfeit and pirated goods, and goods that infringe patents when brought into the United Kingdom (such as watches, clocks and CD's, plus goods with false marks on their origin).
  • Meat, milk and other animal products.

Restricted Imports

The following items cannot be imported into the United Kingdom without authority:

  • Firearms, electric shock devices and gas canisters. For advice visit the Customs National Advice Service website at
  • Live animals must have a British import (rabies) license and be quarantined. Dogs or cats which meet the conditions of the Pet Passport Scheme can be imported without quarantine. For advice visit the DEFRA Animal Health website at
  • Endangered species, including birds and plants, whether alive or dead, and goods made from them. These include fur, ivory and leather taken from endangered species. For advice visit the DEFRA Global Wildlife website at
  • Plants and their produce, including certain fruit stones, bulbs and seeds. For advice visit the DEFRA Plant Health website at
  • Certain radio transmitters, such as CB radios and cordless phones that are not approved for use in the United Kingdom. For further advice visit website
  • NB: Dried / Tinned non perishable foodstuffs only are allowed into U.K.
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