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Shipping Cars and Vehicles to the UK

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You may import your motor car or motorcycle into the United Kingdom without paying duty provided you have owned and used it overseas for a minimum of six months, lived outside the European Union for at least twelve months, are taking up permanent residence in the United Kingdom and you do not intend selling the vehicle for at least one year after the date of importation.

To assist with Customs Clearance and avoid delays and/or port charges, the following paperwork is required:

  • Original copy of C104A. A copy or fax will not be accepted. (Please make sure that the form is fully completed - any incomplete form will be returned for completion).
  • Documents confirming that you have owned and used the vehicle abroad as described above, for example; original purchase invoice, insurance certificate etc.
  • Copy of current passport.
  • Utility bills for a period of 12 x months prior to the importers arrival in the UK (to prove residency). This is to satisfy the conditions for relief as per Public Notice 3.
  • Customs form C384 if your vehicle does not meet the above requirements and you are paying duty and/or tax on it.

Single Vehicle Approval

Your vehicle will have to pass a Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) inspection of its design and construction before it can be registered and licensed, for further information After your vehicle has passed the required inspection, you will be issued with a Minister's Approval Certificate which is needed when applying to license and register your vehicle.

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