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Shipping & Moving to the UK from NZ

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Shipping Personal Effects to the UK and Other European Countries

Shipping to the UK and the rest of Europe can be very cost effective, if you weigh up the costs against having to purchase these household personal effects new. A lot of personal items are also irreplaceable or have special memories/family heirlooms and therefore cannot be replaced.

Whether you are shipping to London or elsewhere in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the rest of Europe – Transworld can assist you with the services you require.

When shipping to the UK/Europe your goods will be individually wrapped and packed with our specialized international wrapping materials and/or boxes and then stowed into a container for shipping.

Sea Freight

FCL - Full Container Load

Transworld offer regular shipping services of FCL containers to all European ports and cities.

If you are shipping a full household you may use the whole container to yourself, there are 20ft and 40ft containers. With this service you have more choice of shipping dates and arrival dates.

Depending on the access to your home and your street council approval, will depend on whether the container can come direct to your home for loading. Once loaded the container will be sealed and taken directly to the port for shipping to ensure a fast shipping time.

In the UK, the container will be taken directly from the port to your new residence (depending on access) and will be unloaded by our agents. When shipping to Continental Europe it is dependent on many factors whether the container can go directly from the wharf to your new home.


If you have a small or a part household or just have one or two boxes, you can share the container with our other clients also moving to Europe. This is the most economical way of shipping and our most popular service. This service may take a little longer while we wait to fill the container to your destination but it can be a very cost effective option.

Most groupage containers will be shipped into London and customs cleared there, using the UK 'C3' Customs form and then, the individual shipments will be delivered around UK/Europe to your final destination.

When shipping to European Union countries the customs clearance is a very simple process. The shipment only needs to be cleared at the first country of entry which is the UK, completing the UK Customs 'C3' form. Countries that can be Customs cleared this way: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

When shipping to other European countries the customs clearance processes is slightly more detailed.

Air Freight

The cost of air freight is predominantly much more expensive. The price is based on the Volumetric Weight or Actual Weight, whichever is the greater, of the items you wish to send. Although much quicker in transit times, the cost needs to be considered against the urgency required to receive the goods.

Some of our clients will send a small shipment by airfreight for essential items that they cannot do without whilst waiting for their sea freight to arrive with the rest of their effects.

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