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Packing Information When Moving to or from New Zealand

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Professional House PackingAt Transworld we understand that your possessions are not merely objects but are a part of who you are. That is why we utilise only the most modern packing materials and professionally train our own specialist packers. From the smallest of ornaments to the grandest of pianos, from your child's favourite toy to your most prized pieces, you are assured that your goods will be packed with the care and protection they deserve.






Boxes SizesWhat size boxes should you choose when transporting your personal effects?

Here is an easy guide to the size and shape of the boxes we can provide to you

Cartons can be collected from Transworld or delivered for a small cost:

1. Dishpack/Standard Carton Dimensions 61 H x 51 L x 41 W cm = 0.14m3 NZ$6.00

2. Book Carton Dimensions 41 H x 41 L x 31 W cm = 0.05m3 NZ$4.00

3. Clothing Carton Dimensions 30 H x 90 L x 50 W cm = 0.14m3 NZ$8.00

4. Glass/Picture/Mirror Carton Dimensions 79 H x 102 L x 8 W cm = 0.07m3 NZ$5.00

5. Wardrobe Carton Dimensions 93 H x 51 L x 51 W cm = 0.25m3 NZ$14.00

6. TV (flat panel) Carton sizes for 40” to 50” TV or 50” NZ$40.00 to 60” TV NZ$50.00



Labeled BoxHow to label your boxes

If you are packing your own cartons, use the following as a guide:

Client: Your Name (First, Last)

Destination: Where you are Relocating to (City, Country)

Contents: What is inside your box

Exceptions: (Leave Blank for PBO)

Packer: PBO (Packed by Owner)

Ref. No.: Reference number as provided by Transworld

Label/Pkg No.: Box Number and Total Box Count

Room: Tick the Room which the box belongs


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