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Hello Sue,

Thank you for your help and excellent service.

Kind Regards

Auckland to Melbourne - 14/06/2016



Hi Holly,

Thanks heaps for your help and being so prompt with your handling.


Auckland to Melbourne - 13/06/2016



Dear Brenda, Vicki, Kong and the boys

Thank you so much for making the moves so easy and hassle free. I was dreading the thought of moving and relocating but your very professional team moved in and took over so efficiently that very little effort was required on my/our part. At The P there was quite a party atmosphere as my sister and I and the cheerful, obliging, friendly boys unpacked my goods. It was actually quite fun! I am very grateful to you all for your excellent service. Thank you so much.

Kind Regards

Auckland Relocation - 13/06/2016



Hi Trevor

Thank you for a smooth delivery of the households, your boys were helpful in getting things done.

Thanks again for a fantastic service. Will contact you in future for any services.

Best Regards

Australia to Auckland - 09/06/2016



Dear John

I just wanted to let you know that all our goods arrived safe and sound – all boxes have been unpacked today.
We are really happy with your service, your packing crew did an amazing job!
Our goods were packed extremely well and the guys are true stars - thanks to all of you.

All the best from the northern hemisphere.


Wellington to Germany - 06/06/2016



Hi Sue

Thank you for all your help, you and the team at Transworld have been awesome and have made the whole move a lot easier than we thought.


Auckland - UK - 29/05/2016



Hello there

Just wanted to congratulate you on one of your staff members – Brenda Wilson.
I am moving to Sydney in September and any move is always chaotic, busy, and traumatic – with a hundred things to think of.

Brenda has been sensational – friendly, warm, professional, and with a sense of humour. I feel really supported and she has taken a huge weight off my shoulders – I also know I can ring her at any time if I have any queries and she won’t be hassled.


Auckland - Sydney - 27/05/2016



Thanks Holly

Look forward to catching up with further progress, it's been great to deal with you & make the moving arrangements as easy as possible (give your self a pay rise!).


Auckland to Brisbane - 27/05/2016



Hi Vicki,

Thank you for your great service! Your boys where awsome, hard and precise workers! That made it much easier for us.

Again thanks and it was great to meet you.
Kind regards,

Auckland to Netherlands - 27/05/2016



Hi Colleen,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to get my shipment safely to me. The guy who trucked it down from Auckland was great. Very polite, friendly and efficient.

I am slowly working my way through the boxes but the guys unpacked my bed and the heavy wall unit so that I could get things started and at least have a restful nights sleep, for which I am very grateful.

Thank you again,
Kind regards,

Australia to Auckland - 24/05/2016



Hi Morag

Thanks for everything and say thank you to the two lads that turned up to do the loading they did a nice job and very polite.


Te Awamutu to Wales - 22/05/2016



Thanks Brenda

As always you have been so helpful in this process.

Have a great day,

Melbourne to Auckland - 19/05/2016



Hello Holly,

Thank you for your help and the men who came to repack the boxes were very accommodating and polite.

They also had a great sense of humour.

Kind Regards

Auckland to Perth - 17/05/2016



Thanks Jenny

Good job by the team on Saturday.


Christchurch Removal - 16/05/2016



Hi Cheryl,

V and I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work your team did with the delivery - I wasn't able to be there on the day but V found the staff helpful, polite and considerate which was great during the stress of moving. We had an uncomfortable experience with the pack up in Sydney so it was great to be treated so well here.

With thanks

Sydney to Wellington - 16/05/2016



Hi Sue

Yes, all went well yesterday with the packers being very efficient.


Auckland to UK - 13/05/2016




Thanks for all your help.

The boys were fantastic yesterday and really helpful. Peter especially was really good doing the packing on Wednesday and keeping the team moving yesterday!


Auckland to Canada - 13/05/2016



Good morning Brenda

Thank you again for your great service. I will definitely recommend you to others!


Auckland to Malaysia - 12/05/2016



Thanks Brenda

I received an email with all the information regarding arrival stating I will be contacted once everything has been cleared. There was also a contact person in Australia and their details. So I shall play the waiting game till I'm notified on the other side.

Thanks again Brenda, you have been fantastic to deal with and a great help.


Auckland to Brisbane - 11/05/2016



Hi Sue

Apologies for the delay and many thanks for your assistance.

Please pass on my regards to Kong and many thanks. It was great to see him.

Kind Regards

Auckland to Queensland - 9/05/2016



Dear Morag,

Thank you for arranging the delivery of our furniture and please pass on our thanks to the guys. They were brilliant. Hard working, friendly, polite and helpful. A credit to your company.

Kind Regards

UK to Gisborne - 6/05/2016



Hi Brenda

Just a note to thank you and Transworld for the excellent service I have received. I have been here nearly a month things arrived in perfect condition 2 weeks ago. It was all so easy and you were an absolute pleasure to deal with at such a stressful time.

Kind regards

Auckland to UK - 03/05/2016



Hi Colleen,

I am writing just to say thank you very much for your efforts to organise the delivery of the container on Friday. Additionally, both your understanding of our needs and your efficiency meant a lot to us.

We have been very happy to cooperate with you.

Greece to Auckland - 03/05/2016



Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you for your service to date.

The guys who came and did the packing are a credit to Transworld Removals. They were courteous, respectful and never stopped working from the time they arrived to their departure.

They were thorough and made sure that they had packed everything. They didn't even stop for a cup of tea which is unusual these days. We were impressed with the few hours that it took them to complete the task.

Backed by yours and Jenny's attention to detail, this has been a stress free removal. Thank You.


Akaroa to UK - 02/05/2016



Hi Sue,

As I said on the phone, the guys were all great. Friendly polite and professional. All in all, so far, as good an experience as is possible when relocating.

Kind regards,

Auckland to UK - 30/04/2016



Dear Paul,

Just wanted to thank you for all of your patience and help throughout our drawn out moving process!
Everything arrived yesterday, all perfectly packed and delivered. Can't wait to unpack!

Kind regards

South Australia to Nelson - 29/04/2016



Hello Paul

Thanks for this, I have just put the money into your account. I has been a pleasure dealing with your company - thanks for your help. (Wayne and Caleb have also been delightful!)

Kind Regards,


Taupo to UK – 19/01/2016



Hi Vicki,

I filled out the questionnaire and put this feedback into one of the boxes. I couldn't find anywhere online to leave feedback, but if you're happy with what I wrote, then I'd be happy for you to post it as a testimonial. Alternatively, if there is something else specific that you want included, just let me know.

"We hadn't made an overseas move before and knew nothing about shipping, and required customs clearances. Vicki and the whole Transworld team made the entire process easy for us. All required information was supplied to us at the start, and Vicki was there with us every step of the way, answering any questions we had over the phone or on email - always with very quick and knowledgeable responses. Vicki even supplied us with packing material and a team to professionally load our container. A real one stop shop solution. Your local agent in Victoria was also fantastic and even managed to get our shipment delivered to us on New Years Eve, so we got to start the New Year with the new house really feeling like home. To top it all off, I got multiple quotes when we first started looking at making a move, and Transworld were the most competitive. The best service at the best price. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is thinking of making the big move. Thanks so much Vicki and the Transworld team."



Auckland to Melbourne – 12/01/2016


Hi Sue

Now we are happily settled in our new house in Melbourne, I wanted to write to you and thank you and the team at TransWorld for a fantastic experience with our recent move. From start to finish the organisation was professional, friendly and just superbly executed. We were delighted to unpack here in Melbourne and find that everything had arrived safely. As I mentioned to you before this has not been our experience in the past with other moving companies where we sadly had goods stolen. For example my son had accidently left his brand new (still sealed in its box) iWatch on his desk the day his room was packed, it would have been a tempting target. Of course it arrived completely safely and this is a testimony to the quality of your people. It was great to have such trustworthy guys doing the packing. My warmest thanks to them. Peter I think was the team leader, they were top blokes.

The other area of course is the quality and care of the pack. Clearly Transworld go to great lengths to wrap things carefully and this was shown by the safe arrival of a huge load. One or two small glass items did sadly get damaged along with a leg of a nested table, but these were very small items and in the scale of such a large move we were delighted with how it all came through. The guys unpacking it at this end said that of all the companies they deal with TransWorld had a great reputation and were known for the careful way everything is packed. We would certainly endorse this.

I would say also that the OSS team here were excellent, we would highly recommend them as well.

Finally, everyone we talk to about the move is astonished that we got the whole thing through before Christmas, especially given the industrial action by the border security people here. This was an incredible achievement by you and the team and we are so very grateful. This has enabled us to have Christmas and New Year in our own home, with all our furniture and goods around us, it has been wonderful. My sincere thanks for all the work you put into getting it through Australian customs so quickly.

I cannot speak highly enough of TransWorld, our move was a wonderful experience all the way through and you all deserve every success.

I would be very happy to be contacted further if you would like, and are also happy for any of my comments to be used in your promotional material.

Please pass on my appreciation to Jo also, we are very thankful for all the work people have put in on our behalf.

Kind regards,


Auckland to Melbourne – 04/01/2016


Good morning Morag,

Just to let you know we got all our stuff. And the delivery men were great. Thank you for all your help & support. You have been awesome!!! Hope you have a merry Christmas & happy holiday ...


Queensland to Taranaki – 23/12/2015



Hi Sue

I hate questionnaires, they are so impersonal, therefore....

  • Service level....very good at the NZ end and the UK end
  • Communications NZ end slightly better than UK
  • Cost...reasonable but only because the NZ Dollar fell dramatically after I was quoted
  • Damage....negligible (one broken plate)
  • missing items....none that we are aware of
  • would I recommend you? Yes.

Hope this helps


Wellsford to UK – 20/12/2015


Hello Colleen,

I tried to partake the questionnaire, but unfortunately, I kept going around in circles and the questionnaire did not appear.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Marija and Russell for a great team effort! We really appreciated your patience and assistance all the way through.

Hope we get to meet, one day

Wishing you all the best


Macedonia to Coromandel – 09/12/2015


Hi Jo

Thanks for seeking feedback. Your team were outstanding - please pass on our sincere thanks. They showed tremendous care yet were incredibly efficient. There was one point where we needed to unpack 2 life jackets, which must have been frustrating, and they did this with good cheer and without hesitation. As a result we have nothing but praise for the Transworld team and look forward to recommending you to others.

I hope your move went well. Best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

Thank you again


Auckland to Melbourne – 28/11/2015


Hi Morag

I would like to thank you and your staff for the fine job you all did getting my belonging to Perth for me. All arrived in good shape, thanks very much.



Tauranga to Perth – 16/11/2015



Hi Colleen

Just letting you know that our household goods arrived today and all seems well. We have completed paperwork and, although we have not unpacked all the boxes, it seems so far that things have arrived in good order.

I particularly want to commend the three fellows who delivered the goods to us. They were efficient, helpful and friendly and got the job done gently and smoothly. A really nice crew and it was a pleasure working with them. Thanks too to Russell who kept us informed on the delivery times and to you for keeping us informed.

cheers and best wishes


Queensland, Australia to Russell – 09/11/2015



Dear Brenda

My things arrived yesterday. So much sooner than I expected. Thank you for your great service, if and when I decide to return, you will be my first port of call.

Thanks again


Auckland to South Africa – 28/10/2015




I wanted to fill in the feedback request as I was incredibly impressed with your service- everything from Cynthia and Karen in Vancouver being so helpful, nice, friendly and informative and easy to contact to Vaughan being so helpful, knowledgeable and informative here in NZ. The timings were accurate as was the initial quote. I received timely replies to any phone call or email I sent. The guys that came to pack the stuff were bang on time and friendly and fast!

I have already recommended you fully to the film crew here in NZ and back in Vancouver will continue to do so. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to log into the website to do this officially!



Canada to Wellington – 27/10/2015



Hi Brenda,

Have just paid your bill. The guys were really good on Monday, polite, respectful and very efficient.

Thanks for all the help.



Dargaville to Spain – 22/10/2015



Hi John

Your Guys were brilliant , they have just left at 3.20pm they were amazing , friendly & helpful.

I'd highly recommend them..

Thank you so much,


Wellington to UK – 15/10/2015



Gill and Vaughan

Our consignment was delivered on Monday 12 October, and two items were found to be damaged.

I would add that the packers for John Mason and the delivery team for Transworld International were all extremely professional, polite and most importantly - cheerful!

Thank you both for your assistance.


UK to Auckland – 15/10/2015



Hi Brenda,

I appreciate your assistance. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and without doubt will recommend you and Transworld to my colleagues in New Zealand.



Auckland to Malaysia – 13/10/2015



Hi Sue - am writing to you from a fairly warm London morning.

I wanted to officially thank you for a great job in moving my stuff from Auckland to Orpington. I have now completely unpacked and nothing was broken or damaged in any way. An excellent service from your end and I am really grateful that I didn't need to worry about anything.

Please thank everyone involved in the packing at the end of June. I am very impressed with your service.

With kind regards


Auckland to UK – 06/10/2015




Good afternoon Sue

The transworld team have completed our shipment of furniture and the service was wonderful. Thank you to your team for their efforts in ensuring it all arrived onetime without hassle.

Would certainly recommend your company to anyone else in the future.

Kind regards,


Auckland to Rotorua – 29/09/2015


Hello Gillian,

Thank you very sincerely. You are by far the most courteous & helpful accounting dept. that I have had the pleasure to deal with in many years.

Kind regards,


Tauranga to Queensland – 29/09/2015



Hello Sue,

To let you know that my furniture was unloaded yesterday without hitch .Thank you to all of the crew concerned. A great job done by you all.



Auckland to Brisbane – 15/09/2015



Hi John,

I wanted to send you an email to personally thank you and your company for doing a good job. We are very satisfied.

I must also convey to you our most sincere appreciation for the job done by two wonderful, professional and cheerful workers who moved our luggage on Friday, 4th September. They were a great help and me and my family owe our most sincere gratitude to both of them. Please do pass on our message.

Look forward to doing business with Transworld again.

have a nice day.


Pakistan to Wellington – 09/09/201



Good Morning Morag,

Just checking in my belongings arrived beautifully such a lovely service by both Transworld and OSS many thanks for all the tireless effort put into my international move. Hope the car wasn't too much trouble to get into VTNZ just waiting on my car the last bit.

Kind regards


Queensland to New Zealand – 24/08/2015



globeHi Cheryl

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and the team for the awesome service!

Will definitely be recommending OSS/Transworld!!!

Kind regards

N & LP

Brisbane, Australia to New Plymouth 10/06/2015


globeDear Sue,

I want to thank you and your team for your efforts in getting my storage to me here in Australia. From the initial booking with Transworld to the receiving of my goods it has been such a pleasure to deal with you all.

Communication always friendly and responsive to customer needs, your team efficient, professional, prompt, and the packers fantastic.!..such care and expertise..Borno deserves world have a treasure there..unpacking his work was awesome...he and Marcus a super team.

And last but not least your rates are so reasonable...I will definitely use Transworld again and have recommended you to others.

Your link here with King and Wilson was great also..communicative, friendly, and hardworking guys..didn't seem to phase them the 19 steps up to my flat..!

All the best for a great team and a great company


Auckland to Sydney, Australia 09/06/2015

globeDear Sue, Thank you so much for the smooth transition, and very hassle free service that you have provided. We will certainly be recommending you to our friends.

Take care from N & NT

Auckland to Yorkshire, UK 09/06/2015



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